Green Appliance Tax Break

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COLUMBIA - The third annual "Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday" took effect Tuesday Morning and will continue until next Monday, April 25.

During this time period certain energy star certified appliances are exempt from the Missouri state tax of 4.225 percent. The tax break applies on purchases of $1500 or less per appliance. The savings on a $1500 appliance would work out to $63.82.

Purchases on washers, water heaters, dishwashers, air conditioners, furnaces, refrigerators and freezers that are energy star certified will get the discount according to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Gene Lavely works at Downtown Appliance in Columbia and he said many people who came into the store Tuesday didn't even know the exemption was available.

"Only one out of 10 people that come in here probably actually really know it's happening this week."

Lavely says it's important people upgrade their appliances to save money on utilities.

"If you have a refrigerator that's 20 years old it's probably going to use at least four times the energy that a normal energy star refrigerator will today," Lavely said.

Some counties throughout Missouri also took the county tax off appliances this week. A complete list can be found here.