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JEFFERSON CITY - The House Special Investigative Committee will release its report on Gov. Eric Greitens on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

House Speaker Todd Richardson, members of the House Republican Leadership and committee members will hold a press conference an hour later. House Minority Floor Leader Gail McCann Beatty and members of the House Democratic Leadership will hold a press conference immediately after that. 

The committee met for a closed door meeting on Monday. 

The governor's legal counsel had asked for a delay in the release of the findings until after May 14, arguing it could make it hard to find a fair jury.

Multiple lawmakers from both parties have said the committee's findings would be no more damaging to the Greitens' trial than the political attack advertisements that have targeted the committee's investigation.

A judge on Tuesday issued a gag order on certain material in the criminal case being released to the public. Also on Tuesday, the attorney for the woman who had an affair with Greitens accused his attorneys of running a "smear campaign." 

On Tuesday, Judge Burlison, who issued the gag order regarding the trial, also commented on the investigative committee. The following is from the transcript:

“I’ll, once again, the legislature has their -- their powers. And I have to hope that consideration is being given to any defendant, defendant's rights to have a fair trial in front of an impartial jury. I am assuming that they are weighing that west of here. But, nonetheless, they have their jobs and their authority, and I'm not going to pick up the phone. I think that they -- it would be hard for anyone not to understand hat dissemination of information on a trial this serious that has not gone through the rigors of every trial, we read to the jury in Jury Instruction Number 1 a caution that tells the jury that all the evidence they hear has been weighed by the Court and by the parties, and is -- and the Court's rulings are based on decades of case law and statutes, and all of that evidence is screened before any jury is given the right, an opportunity to hear that evidence. I would only hope that all information that's disseminated is only disseminated through that process of decades of judicial rulings and precedent that have been on the books, as I said, for decades. So phone call from me shouldn't be necessary."

The investigative committee says it will continue to meet and has extended its deadline until May 18. Greitens trial is set to begin May 14.