Greitens appeals to Missourians eager for jobs

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JEFFERSON CITY - As lawmakers met in special session Tuesday, Gov. Eric Greitens spoke at a rally of Missourians wanting a change the state government to change how they are taken care of. 

Greitens worked with Missouri State Senator Rob Schaff, R-St. Joseph, to push legislation allowing steel mills to negotiate lower electric rates. He said his goal is to bring new manufacturing jobs to southeast Missouri.

Greitens urged state politicians to look out for their constituents.

"Instead of standing in the way of businesses who want to come and employ people, they got to stand up for the people of Missouri," he said.

Some critics believe the new law would give investor-owned utility companies broader discretion over rate changes for their customers. 

The Republican candidate for House District 50 (which covers Boone, Cole, Cooper and Moniteau counties), Sara Walsh, said the speech hit close to home for her and many Missourians. 

"It reminded me of when Maytag, in Jefferson City, back in 2001 went through a layoff. I was affected and lost my job, so did many of my other coworkers. It's just such an emotional experience, and it's so important. These jobs are good-paying jobs, family-supporting jobs," Walsh said. 

The chairman of Teenage Republicans at Lee Summit West High School, Payton McQueen, said he believes the message reaches beyond political lines.

"I think that it's very non-partisan to just talk about jobs. It's not a very political topic. It's important for every single citizen, whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or anything else," McQueen said. 

Greitens urged the sizable crowd to walk inside the Capitol with him to speak to Senators.

"We know we're doing the right thing. We're going to walk very respectfully, we're going to walk with pride, we're going to walk with dignity, we're going to walk with our heads held high and we're going to tell them a very simple message. And that is, 'we want to work so help to bring back American jobs,'" Greitans said.