Greitens Hawley court case

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JEFFERSON CITY - Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetam heard arguments from Govenor Eric Greitens and Attorney General Josh Hawley's legal representatives.

Greitens wants to block Hawley from further investigating his veterans charity, The Mission Continues. The governor is accused of stealing an electronic list of charity donors to use for campaign purposes.

He believes Hawley has a conflict of interest. The attorney general has said he believes Greitens past actions are impeachable and has called for the governor to resign.

The attorney representing Greitens, Jim Bennett, said the governor deserves a fair trial.

"Eric Greitens like anyone else deserves a due process," Bennet said. "Part of that process involves not having the person who is investigating you out in public making statements talking about the fact that he should resign."

These statements came after Greitens was accused of assault in a House committee report. It reveals an affair the governor had in 2015 and accuses him of sexual misconduct and blackmail.

Hawley's legal representative, D. John Sauer, argued the attorney general was referring to Greitens assault charges when he made his statements and should not become banned from investigating the charity. 

"To disqualify the attorney general in a matter that is not pending in this court, I'm unaware of any authority that would support that extraordinary remedy they are seeking," Sauer said. 

The judge did not make a decision whether he will block Hawley from the felony investigation.