Greitens investigation update

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COLUMBIA - The House Special Investigative Committee met for another closed-door meeting Monday afternoon.

Committee member Gina Mitten, D-St. Louis, said that "we do have information, we have a report and some evidence that will be released to the public on Wednesday."

Several reports claim that the governor's legal counsel wanted to delay the release of the findings until after May 14, because they believed it could potentially taint the jurors. 

Minority Whip Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia, said that he does not know much more than the general public.

"The committee's work has been very quiet, very secretive. It's good to keep the anonymity of the victim and other people involved in the process," Kendrick said. 

Multiple lawmakers from both parties have said the committee's findings would be no more damaging to the Greitens' trial than the political attack advertisements that have targeted the committee's investigation. 

Mitten also said that the committee will continue to meet after Wednesday and has extended it's deadline to May 18.

After leaving the meeting without comment, committee chair Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, later released a statement saying, “Nothing has changed. The committee will release a report this week. The committee will also continue working through the end of session.”

Kendrick said people should not yet speculate about the committee's progress. 

"They've been very quiet," Kendrick said. "We don't really know all that went into the process of for delaying the release of the report."