Greitens Investigative Committee releases addendum

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JEFFERSON CITY - The House of Representatives committee investigating alleged criminal action by Gov. Eric Greitens released an addendum to its April 11 report on Monday.

In the addendum, the committee responded directly to claims made by Greitens the day after the report, in which the governor stood firm on his claims of innocence. 

The addendum said "On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Greitens posted a public statement to Facebook in which he claimed that video of an interview taken by the Circuit Attorney’s office 'undermined the narrative' and 'directly contradicted allegations in the House report.' Specifically, Greitens claimed Witness 1 never once mentions any coercion' in the videotaped interview."

The committee responded with comparisons of testimony by Witness 1, the woman with whom Greitens admitted having an extramarital affair, given to the circuit attorney and to the committee. The report gives seven such examples of testimony to point out their similiarities.

In one example, the woman told the circuit attorney, "I’m crying, like, hysterically at this point. And he was like, shush, it’s okay. It’s okay, It’s okay." Her statement to the committee was as follows: "I was laying next to him just crying, like uncontrollably crying. And he was like, Shh, shh, it’s okay, it’s okay."

The committee further said it did not find anything in the woman's testimony to the circuit attorney that would cause it to question her credibility, and that "Greitens' claims about the content of the Circuit Attorney interview mischaracterize the actual testimony received and reviewed" by the committee.

State Rep. Cora Faith Walker (D-STL), said she is against spending any more money on this investigation.

"I don’t believe that taxpayer dollars should be further spent on beginning the process to bring this to a resolution," Walker said.

Due to the timing of the report's release, all of the Republican lawmakers KOMU reached out to were unable to review the report or give comment at this time.