Greitens presser

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JEFFERSON CITY — Gov. Eric Greitens held a press conference Friday after the legislature wrapped up the 2017 legislative session.

Greitens said he is unhappy with how the legislature acted at times, preventing work from getting done. 

"What's the grade that I'd give the legislature? Sometimes it looked like third grade," Greitens said. "Sometimes you had career politicians who instead of actually fighting for the people of Missouri and fighting for jobs, they were singing Kumbaya."

On whether or not a summer session is needed, Greitens said he is sitting down this weekend to evaluate if it would be necessary.

"Sometimes when you don't complete all of your work, you need to go to summer school," he said.

Gretiens was also asked repeatedly about his role in A New Missouri many times. A New Missouri is an organization that pushes for Gov. Greitens conservative agenda.

"I have no day to day responsiblites with A New Missouri. I'm proud of the fact we have supporters all over the state of Missouri who are pushing for our agenda," he said.

After being asked if lobbyists have given money to the group, Greitens ended the press conference.

On the bill passed that would prevent local governments from enacting minimum wages higher than the state's minimum wage, Greitens said he is looking into it. St. Louis just passed a new $10 minimum wage. This bill would nullify that.

Greitens repeatedly acknowledged his fight for higher paying jobs.

"With all of these bills that have just been passed, we are going to sit down and do a full and complete a review with all of the implications it will have for the people of Missouri," he said.

Greitens also spoke about the efforts to keep Missourians safe during weather warnings.

"I'm proud of the way we responded to tornadoes, flooding, ice storms."

Unsure if the legislature will meet for the summer, Greitens said lawmakers can expect to begin working sooner than later.

"Round 2 is going to start sooner than they think," he said.