Greitens reaction

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JEFFERSON CITY- A St. Louis circuit court judge ruled against the dismissal of Greitens' court case Thursday. Regular session continued but the shaky power situation is leaving legislators nervous about some pressing legislation.

Minority leader Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-St. Louis, said the court decision shows the quality of the evidence against Greitens.

Senator Caleb Rowden said the case is an issue that’s keeping legislators from moving forward with what they need to.

"At best it's a distraction and something that I really think is hurting our ability to pass good, quality legislation,” Senator Caleb Rowden, R-Columbia, said.

There’s a constitutional obligation to pass a budget before the end of the session. Rowden said making decisions like a budget are extremely difficult without consistency in leadership.

"One way or another though, it's time for the governor to resign. Let Missouri move forward and if he won't resign, the House is gonna have to act," Rep. Greg Razer said.

Razer and Rowden said there is sufficient evidence to go through with impeachment right now but Republicans are split in the House, which could be linked to loyalty.

"There's going to be backlash back at home if you vote to remove someone who people support," Rowden said. “It’s ultimately up to the Speaker of the House and the will of the caucus."

"It seems like an easy vote,” Razer said.

Greitens’s court date is set for May 14.