Greitens Task Force

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JEFFERSON CITY – When Eric Greitens was running for governor, he promised to shrink the size of government.

On Wednesday, he took the first step to following through on that promise.

His Boards and Commissions Task Force Report announced recommendations to eliminate nearly 450 gubernatorial-appointed positions. The Task Force looked at a total of 12 boards and commissions. The state has more than 200 boards and commissions. 

The Task Force aims to reduce fees and eliminate redundant committees by making cuts across the board, from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Social Services. It assessed five different factors, some of which include eliminating boards and commissions that no longer meet, are not required by Missouri or federal law to exist, and whether the board could function with fewer members.

Gov. Greitens issued Executive Order 17-11 last legislative session, which created the task force to examine the purpose, effectiveness, and necessity of boards and commissions in the state.

Several of the boards recommended for elimination never met or no longer meet, are not currently sufficiently staffed, or have already fulfilled their purpose.

“With these recommendations,” Greitens said, via press release, “the task force took the important first step to shrink the size of government and make it work better for the people.”

The press release from the governor’s office said these changes would reduce excessive government bureaucracy and ease the ability to do business in the state.

The departments facing the largest cuts based on the number of people are the Department of Health and Senior Services; the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration; and the Department of Social Services.

KOMU 8 reached out to several departments that would be affected by these cuts, but has not received any responses.