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COLUMBIA - Columbia College is digging deep to solve a problem of limited space on campus. 

President Scott Dalrymple said the groundbreaking for a new hall was to celebrate finding a solution to two problems the college is facing. 

"Columbia College is landlocked and we don't have a lot of space to expand," he said. "We needed a residence hall and we needed a new business school so the obvious solution was to just build one on top of the other. " 

The 60,000-squaure foot building will house the college's business school on the first floor. A residence hall will fill the next three floors.

The dean of Student Affairs, Dave Roberts, said there has been an increase in both student enrollment and the number of students wanting to live on campus. The residence hall will open up 150 beds for future students wanting to live on campus, an option that has not been readily available.

Roberts said, "We've been full completely on campus and students we've had to turn away are living off campus in apartment complexes." 

The new academic and residence hall will be the first building added to the campus since the 1960's. Roberts said the building will give business students a chance to be involved in a living-learning community. 

Some students believe living-learning communities will bring about a furthered sense of camaraderie for business students.

Sophomore business administration major Kyle Rofles said the idea of living with the same students he learns with on a daily basis is a great idea. 

"I am probably the most excited student here on campus," Rofles said. "They are really meeting this need for students and really building that strong community feel, especially for the business students.”

Columbia College has already started construction for the new building. The building will open to students, faculty and staff in August 2019.