Group begins fundraising to build dog rehab center

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BOONE COUNTY- Rescued dogs in Missouri may soon have a new place to call home.

The Missouri chapter of the organization Dogs Deserve Better is trying to raise money to build a house that would serve as a transition and training center for rescued dogs before they enter foster homes. 

The home would be built in the layout of an actual house with bedrooms, a kitchen, and living room area to train dogs how to make the change from being outdoors to indoors. 

Inside each bedroom the dogs would each have a pen so they can relax and sleep during the night. 

Melody Whitworth is a representative of the Dogs Deserve Better Missouri chapter and she says having a home environment for the dogs will include several benefits that will help them get adopted. 

"We would like to build our own facility that has a home-like setting for the dogs to go to learn basic obedience and in-home life skills before they go into a foster home or straight into adoption," Whitworth said. 

The facility will have a 24/7 in home caretaker along with several off-site volunteers.

Dogs Deserve Better advocates against the chaining and penning up of dogs. The Missouri chapter has been active since 2008 and have rescued hundreds of dogs so far. 

"Our facilility would be headquarters for Missouri to educate the community even further on how well these dogs can adapt, " Whitworth said. "Chaining and penning a dog for their entire life out in a backyard is no life for a dog and we've proven that they can all make really fabulous pets if given the chance."

The organization's new plan will serve as a prototype for others to follow around the nation. 

The main headquarters in Virginia was the first to develop a home environment rehab center for rescue dogs when they remodeled football player Michael Vick's house into a dog sanctuary. 

For more information on the organization or if you wish to help the cause you can visit their website here. 

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