Group leads discussion on responding to white supremacy

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COLUMBIA – The Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) on Tuesday hosted a discussion on responding to white supremacy. To many participants, the conversation was a learning experience.

Recent events such as the suggestive white supremacy recruitment fliers posted on MU’s campus and the violence in Charlottesville prompted the conversation. 


According to Regional Manager Nikki McGruder, the discussion is designed to be a safe space to talk about race relations.


“So a lot of times people don't want to talk about difficult topics, if they don't have anyone to talk to about it,” McGruder said. “Or their circles of influence only have an opposing view or they are like minded so maybe they want to be able to respond accordingly.”

DAP’s mission is to be a spark to awareness, facilitate engagement and provide education about diversity and inclusion. The discussion is a part of a series titled, “Listen, Talk Learn.” The series is designed to help people navigate through difficult conversations about race, unconscious bias and lived experiences.

The discussion leaves participants with tools to do just that. DAP said it’s participants should leave each session with: 

  • Information on the differences between dialogue and debate
  • Strategies for answering difficult questions about racism, race and bias
  • Exposure to a lived experience different than their own
  • Chance to process current events


She said that many participants were just thankful for the space to have the dialogue. One attendee said that the


“Understanding that we’re all bias,” McGruder said.  “So uncovering what those biases are and if they’re biases that cause harm to another human being then we need to be intentional about mitigating those.”


For more information about DAP or an upcoming “Listen, Talk, Learn” discussion visit their website.