Group Looks to Develop Southeastern Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's Planning and Zoning Committee met Thursday night to do a preliminary approval of a proposed eight lot, 144 acre property west of Highway 63 and north of Discovery Parkway. The Odle family owns the property.

"Those were zones that were created through years of processes," Planning and Zoning Commission member Bill Tillotson said. "It's just a matter of if the developer owns that property, and just getting it all corrected to where it fits."

Columbia's Planning and Zoning Commission said the group is looking at developing the land into a residential, retail, and commercial area. The area was annexed into the city back in 2004. One concern the city has right now is that there is not enough water pressure in the area to serve future needs. The commission says the city will probably have to connect the developed area to an existing water line in the city.

Tillotson doesn't expect the city council to look at the issue for another two months. Even if it approves the development, the Odle family still has to have public meetings before they can start developing.