Group tackles national issues

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri National Organization for Women (NOW) held one of their state council meetings this weekend. 

Members from around the state met at the Boone County Government Center Saturday afternoon. 

The meeting's agenda involved planning statewide events and administrative tasks. 

The group discussed national issues such as the Muslim ban, health care, and abortion to figure out ways to fix those issues in their communities. 

President of NOW Columbia, Seileach Corleigh said the groups plans to contact legislators. 

"All we can do is just keep our own spirits up and keep contacting them over and over again," Corleigh said.

She said certain legislators act as if they don't want to hear the voices of their constituents. 

"They should be wiling to such things like: expand Medicaid, protect women's rights and the rights of various marginalized communities," Corleigh said. 

NOW has also partnered with other organizations to revisit an old proposed amendment. 

"Equal Rights Amendment. They're trying to pass it in the country and we need three more states to make it an amendment to the constitution," board member of NOW Columbia Jocelyn Morris said.

The amendment was proposed in the 1920's but it never passed. The amendment would guarantee equal rights to women.