Group Walking Across America for Dream Act Stop in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Three people in their mid-20s stopped at the Centro Latino de Salud Thursday afternoon to educate children about their mission to get the Dream Act passed.  The Dream Act, if passed, would give permanent residency to illegal immigrants who graduate from U.S. high schools after arriving in the United States as minors.

Rayumi Gutierrez, Veronica Gomez, and Alex Aldana, started walking acrros the country from San Fransisco March 10.  They hope to reach Washington D.C. by November 2.  There are seven walkers total, though only three were present Thursday.  Gomez and Aldana are undocumented immigrants.  Gutierrez said she grew up with several siblings who were undocumented and saw them denied privileges she had because she was the first legal citizen born in her family.

The three travel with an RV. One drops off the walkers, drives 15 miles, parks the RV for the others to pick up and starts walking.  The cycle continues until they all meet up again in the RV to sleep and eat.  Due to the high temperatures this summer, they've walked more at night, and carry lots of water and Gatorade with them to stay hydrated. 

Kids at the Centro Latino de Salud asked questions like, "Do your feet hurt?" "Do you ever get lost?" and "What does undocumented mean?"

Gutierrez said, especially in the beginning, her feet were often swollen, but that was the point: to make a statement and get people talking. 

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