Group will meet to discuss disability accessibility in Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - An accessibility group will meet later today to discuss accessibility in Jefferson City. 

The group says it will work with people with disabilities, service partners, medical providers, and business and civic leaders in an effort to establish more accessible housing and building code evaluations in Jefferson City.

The ADA says it is required to have accessible public accommodations for disabled individuals, but does not strictly cover private apartments and homes. 

The ADA has a few barriers in which full accessibility is not provided for the disabled. Any barrier will be removed when it is "readily achievable," meaning it is done without a lot of difficulty or cost. 

The ADA has four priorities to removing barriers- accessible entrance, accessible to goods and services, access to public restrooms and access to other items such as water fountains and public telephones. 

The group will meet at 8:30 this morning in Jefferson City to discuss housing accessiblity issues.