Guatemalan Sewing Cooperative Helps Community

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SANTO DOMINGO, GUATEMALA - Mid-Missouri sewing machines are being used for more than stitching clothes.

They are being used as a tool to teach Guatemalan women how to trade, read, and write.

Columbia PET Project volunteers brought the women supplies, like fabric, buttons, embroidered floss, and eye glasses.

Felipa Boj formed a sewing cooperative that makes things like blouses, aprons, and purses with 12 sewing machines.

When Tropical Storm Agatha brought more rain than Guatemala had seen in 60 years, the sewing machines helped raise money for food.

The women provided hot meals for up to 300 familes and disaster workers each day.

Felipa says 70 women want to join the cooperative.

They are grateful to the people in Mid-Missouri who gave them these supplies.