Gubernatorial Candidate Dave Spence Visits Site of Failed Mamtek Plant

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MOBERLY - Missouri gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence visited the site of the failed company Mamtek Wednesday morning, as part of his Spence Jobs Tour.

A small group of supporters gathered, and Spence talked about his plans to get Missourians back to work.

"The job market is lousy," Spence said. "A lot of people are giving up. We've taken 107,000 people out of the work force and that's how we've gotten to the 6.9 percent unemployment rate."

Spence also outlined his plan for bringing jobs back to Missouri. "There are a lot of empty buildings, not only in Moberly, but throughout the state. We've let a lot of Missouri jobs go to other states and other countries and we need to be in a position to get them back," said Spence.

Spence said Missouri needs to be a right to work state, where you don't have to join a union to have a job. He also says the state needs to fix workman's compensation.

Mamtek received $39 million of industrial development bond from the city of Moberly and authorization for up to $17 million of state incentives to build an artificial sweetener factory, which could have potentially employed more than 600 people.

"I think this could have been avoidable if you just had common sense. When you're so worried about headlines and photo-ops and political capital, this is what happens. And when you don't appoint the right people, we've had three economic development directors in three years, this is what happens," said Spence.

According to the Associated Press, Nixon campaign spokeswoman Channing Ansley says no state tax money was lost in the failed project because Missouri had strong protections in place.