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COLUMBIA - A Columbia man involved in a deadly shooting in May has been indicted by a federal grand jury on a gun charge.

Ricky Gurley, 50, was indicted for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Friends and family of victim Cameron Caruthers say Gurley shot and killed him during an argument in May. Police confirmed Friday the indictment against Gurley is connected to the May shooting.

Caruthers, 28, died after being shot inside a home on Dawn Ridge Drive off Clark Lane. He had been staying in the home on and off with Gurley and his girlfriend, Gurley's attorney said in May.

The two reportedly got into a fight. Caruthers' friends said he had his hands up and was unarmed when Gurley shot him.

In May, Gurley's attorney said the shooting was justified.

"There had been ample communication, requests to leave the premises, and advising that he was regarded as a threat," Stephen Wyse said. "I think the law enforcement officers who are investigating made a determination. I think the determination deserves some respect. I think that they understand Missouri law with regard to a homeowner telling an unwanted, an unlawful visitor, that they are expected to leave."

The indictment alleges Gurley knowingly possessed a Mossburg Model 500A 12-gauge shotgun and ammunition from April 2016 to May 22, 2017, the day Caruthers was shot.

It also says Gurley "is alleged to have shot and killed another individual during the timeframe of the indictment."

Gurley was not charged for the shooting incident. He is in federal custody and is scheduled to appear in court November 28.

Columbia police said the indictment against Gurley was related to the shooting of Caruthers.