H.O.M.E. Project Aims to Improve Quality of Life for Paquin and Oak Tower Residents

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Housing Authority is partnering with Burrell Behavioral Health to provide better communication outlets for low-income seniors and persons with disabilities living in Paquin and Oak Towers. The two groups hosted a reception for residents of Oak Towers on Thursday to share their vision for the program.

The new program aims to provide educational classes and connect residents to resources to help them to continue to live independently. With in-home Burrell Behavioral Health employees, the program hopes to bridge the gap between residents' needs and the resources to meet those needs.

Annie Juve, Burrell Vice President of Operations, said the companies goal for the project is to, "simplify things for them and have a center within the housing towers to meet the goals...those goals being wellness, community building, and enhanced mental health being."

Burrell's funding allows the program to bring in mental health professionals to assess residents to see if they may qualify for additional Burrell services. There also will be in-house counselors and social workers in each building.

The new program will start on Monday and is open to all Paquin and Oak Towers.