Haith Named Finalist in ESPN's Coaches' Challenge

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COLUMBIA - For the second year in a row, Missouri Head Coach Frank Haith is competing against a handful of coaches from around the county--not just on the court, but online.

Coach Haith is participating in the ESPN Infiniti Coaches' Challenge, where the winner has a chance to win $100,000 for the charity of his choice.

For Coach Haith, his choice is the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia, an organization close to home for the Tigers.

"Whenever they see us it makes their day--makes their week," Phil Pressey said. "They're an entergetic group of kids who are always trying to beat us in basketball, beat us in video games or whatever we're doing - they're always trying to do better then we are because we're older and we're basketball players so it's just fun going over there and see the smile on the kids faces and everytime we go over there - something good comes out of it."

"We've spent numerous hours over there with them and they don't have a gym, they have an outdoor court and when it's cold - you can't play, when it's ice, when it's rain - you can't play," Laurence Bowers said. "So having a gym would be very beneficial for those kids because they can always do that regardless of the weather.

"A gym would just increase so much ability for our kids," said Boys and Girls Club Employee Deronne Wilson. "To go in and play basketball, volleyball, relay races, we could host talent shows, banquets...there is just endless things that we could do with a gym. Not only that the space of a gym would allow us to serve more youth."

Last season, Coach Haith finished in the Final Four of the coaches' challenge--just short of the goal.

"The Boys & Girls Club of Columbia--vote for us because it's definitely a great cause," Wilson said. "These kids are special kids, they need a place to go and we're trying to serve as many youth as possible. The staff here is great - we really care about the kids and the community. The partnership with the basketball team is just outstanding and I think with the gym we can even do bigger and some more things with the gym. Please vote for us, it's going for a good cause and we greatly appreciate it."

To vote for Coach Haith and Boys and Girls Club of Columbia log onto ESPN.com/infiniti.