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COLUMBIA - The frosty weather comes early this year causing a handful of events to make adjustments. But at least three local businesses are ready to handle the low temperatures. 

HyVee Assistant Director of Health, Wellness and Home, Dalton Buck, said while their event, Halloween Walk, is about bringing the community together, it also allows folks to stay out of bad weather like we are expecting this Halloween. 

"Its a warm place for parents and children," he said. "I have a two year old and it'll be nice to come here inside and be warm especial with snow on the ground this year."

Buck also said they are anticipating 1,000 kids to come this year to the Rock Bridge store. They are prepared by having over a dozen stations wrapping all the way around the store.

"We'll have applesauce, granola bars, toys, candy, pencils so anything for kids," Buck said. "It's the biggest event we do."

HyVee has participated in the event since 2001, so they are prepared for any storm that could head its way, but others haven't been as lucky. Just by searching events on Facebook, six other events have made announcements about moving the event inside to avoid having to bare the anticipated 30-degree weather. 

The trick-or-treat event expecting to take place at Midway Locust Grove United Methodist Church is making the move indoors as announced on Facebook. Additionally, Karis Church is making a similar move. 

"All of the games, food and trick-or-treating will be held indoors this Thursday in the main building and activities building," Karis Church commented on Facebook. "You will only be outside for a few minutes when you arrive to register. Everything else is inside where it's warm!" 

Kia of Columbia will make their debut tomorrow as this will be its first year to host a trick-or-treat event at the dealership. Sales Associate Brandon Carter, said the possibility of hosting outside came up in the planning process, but mother-nature helped make the decision. 

"The cold weather kind of solidified that and let us know that we probably should do it inside to keep the kids a little more warm," Carter said. "Costumes aren't as thick as they used to be so right now we think inside is going to be the best choice." 

While this is Kia's first time participating, expectations go beyond costumes and candy. 

"You can expect to see some great costumes, a lot of fun as well, a lot of smiling faces, a lot of opportunities for the kids to just have some fun in a safe environment," Carter said. 

In addition to churches and businesses, Columbia Fire Station 9 will also be participating in the community wide trick-or-treat event. Assistant Fire Chief Brad Fraizer, said this is the stations third year participating, and a little weather won't rain on their parade as the fire department values time interacting with the community.

"We are very fortunate we get to help a lot of people in the job that we do. This is one of those situations where its not an emergency, but we get to spend time with a lot of different families from our communities," Fraizer said. "They get to know us a little bit better and you can't beat hanging out with a lot of kids in a fire station. It's always something we enjoy."

Despite the cold, trick-or-treaters can expect a handful of warm places to roam and gather sweet treats to make braving the cold worth it.