Hallsville Community Debates School Improvements

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HALLSVILLE - More than fifty members of the Hallsville community gathered to discuss the future of the school district's infrastructure.

The board presented an elaborate 10-year plan to improve the schools. The improvements would be paid for by bonds that would have to be passed by citizens of Hallsville.

The improvements included a new central office, new auditorium, multipurpose training facility, improvements to science classrooms, and a new high school parking lot.

The conversation quickly turned into a debate between parents and the board. Several people spoke out against the district, calling for more organization and interest in students' technology.

Many parents called for an improvement in campus security, had questions about a gas odor, wanted to know more about earlier mold problem, and asked for better preparation of students to be competitive against other high school graduates in order to gain admission into major universities.

The three-hour meeting ended with a majority of attendants calling for another year of planning and organization before anything is put to ballot. The board said it will take the community's response into consideration, but nothing will be decided until January 9.