Hallsville Fifth Grader Stars in Viral Video \"The Extra Mile\"

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COLUMBIA - A ten-year-old from Hallsville is stealing the hearts of girls across the country. Cole Nowlin stars in a popular Youtube video called "The Extra Mile" where he teaches college guys how to be gentlemen. The video has more than half a million views and counting.

In the three-minute video, Nowlin gives tips on how to treat a lady. The dapper kiddo also performs random acts of kindness by giving out roses to random strangers on the University of Missouri campus. 

While Nowlin says he already knew how to treat a lady, truthfully, he got the script from Mizzou students.  

"I really didn't know who George Clooney was at the time," Nowlin said. "It was really fun to tape. We really weren't serious about it at all. We had fun while we were taping."

The group made up of MU students Dan Woodward, Clint Cannon and Nam Cu, put together the video for a communications class. The teacher's only requirement was to make it persuasive. 

Woodward said the team came up with the topic of chivalry because it would be visual and send a positive message. The video is modeled after another internet sensation known as "Kid President," a young face with big ideas. The group of students used a local theater company called TRYPS to find its star. 

"He started dancing during the audition, even though we didn't ask him to," Cannon said.  "So, we knew he would be comfortable around us and strangers."

"In acting you get to do whatever you want really, you can be sad, you can be happy, you can be funny," Nowlin said.

After multiple shoots and endless hours of editing, "The Extra Mile" hit the interwebs and took off, fast. Since the classmates posted the video on Youtube, Nowlin's charm has made its way to Buzzfeed, Ryan Seacrest, Right this Minute, Cosmopolition, College Candy and more.

"It's just really amazing that overnight it just exploded," Nowlin said.

"To see people quoting lines of dialogue that Klint and I spitballed back and forth...it's very surreal," Woodward said.

One of the students' teaching assistants, Matt Gerry, who helped with the graphics and video editing, said he was impressed with the group's work.

"In my time as a TA, I've seen tons and tons of student work and this is by far the best thing produced at this school," Gerry said.

The group walked away from the project with an A, not only in class, but also in the art of wooing women.

"There is a line waiting up until I'm 18," Nowlin said. 

The team is planning a sequel, but doesn't have many details yet. It could include Nowlin visiting another college campus. To watch the full video, click here. To watch KOMU's interview with Nowlin and the filmmakers, click on the video icon at the top left side of the page.