Hallsville High School Starts New Visitor Policy

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HALLSVILLE - Hallsville High School is beginning a new visitor policy. The school now locks its doors at 8:05 a.m. each morning and keeps them locked throughout the school day. Visitors are only allowed in the school on official business and may not visit classes during school hours.

In light of recent school shootings, the new policy is an effort to improve security. The Hallsville intermediate and middle schools added the visitor policy in 2012 immediately following the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

Hallsville School District Director of Operations George Rudisaile is not only a staff member, but a parent. He said the visitor policy was an important move to ensure students safety.

"The administration felt like it was important for us to take these steps to provide as much safety for our students as possible," said Rudisaile. "I think that it helps the parents know their students are number one priority and we want all of them to be safe."

The visitor policy is also expected to limit the amount of interruptions during the school day and reduce traffic in the high school office.

The Hallsville School District plans on adding more security with a bond it received last April.