Hallsville "paints the town" to welcome students to a new school year

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HALLSVILLE - Local businesses, churches, and families painted the town purple and gold to welcome students back on their first day of school. 

Places such as Shirt Works and Central Bank of Boone County, posted signs and flags in front of their businesses. Janet Armantrout, the bank manager at Central Bank of Boone County, said that she already keeps buttons and little temporary tattoos out for students and customers when they come into the shop. She was thrilled when the school district reached out with the idea.

"It was really nice to show our pride and support for these kids by putting a sign and flag out front," Armantrout said.

The idea came from preschool teacher Victoria Smith. Smith has worked for Hallsville Primary School for three years, but this is the first time she thought about doing this.

"I saw it in a book about building small communities and I instantly knew this was something Hallsville needed," Smith said. 

She said she wasn't worried about getting everyone to come together and paint the town.

"The town is growing, but it still has that small town feel to it, which I love," Smith said.

Hallsville graduate Trevor Hill, said that it warms his heart to see the community support the students. He remembers when the town did similar things when he was in school.

"They've always put up signs to support us for football games, that sort of thing, so to see that kids are getting that kind of encouragement for their first day of school is truly inspiring," Hill said. 

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