Hallsville parents can access online math help for students

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HALLSVILLE – An update to existing math software will make it easier for parents and students in the Hallsville school district.

Currently, students in the Hallsville school districts use “Everyday Math” textbooks and software. However, the new update allows parents to see how students mastering their lessons and also shows different math strategies.

"It shows a re-teaching of the lesson,” said Stacy Fick, the principal at Hallsville Intermediate School. “So, it’s excellent for our parents who sometimes have a hard time explaining the lessons to our kids when they are doing their homework.”

Fick said the new addition to the software now directly correlates to Common Core math. She said it would teach students new math strategies, family components and activities that students can do to reinforce a particular concept.

Students can access their textbooks online and conduct their “online math journals” online, as well. However, Fick said the school is not going to completely stop using paperback books.

“We still have paperbacks because only about 75 percent of students at the school have online access back at home,” Fick said. “But since we have online resources, we don’t have to use money to have a textbook for every single student in the school.”

Fick said the online system makes doing homework or studying math more efficient for the student and parent. She said the portion in the system that allows parents to see how their student was taught is very helpful and puts things into perspective, since parents may have learned a particular math concept a different way.

“I think that in years past, when we learned math, we focused on route memorization,” Fick said. “Now, our goal is to make kids think more deeply and be creative thinkers.”

Michelle Baumstark, the spokesperson for Columbia Public Schools, said the addition Hallsville schools obtained is a big deal for Hallsville.

Columbia Public Schools have similar programs called Angel and Schoology and have online tools that parents can access.  

The new update to the math software will be discussed with parents on Tuesday, Oct. 6 called “POW-erful Learning Night” at the intermediate school. There are two sessions parents can attend: Session 1 is at 6:00-6:30 p.m. and session 2 runs 6:45-7:15 p.m.

[Editor’s note: This story has been updated for clarity.]