Hallsville Superintendent Denies Special Treatment for DWI Coach

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HALLSVILLE - Hallsville Schools Superintendent John Robertson denied Tuesday afternoon that the school board tried sweeping a high school football coach's DWI arrest under the rug.

Hallsville High School's head football coach, Devin Johnson, was arrested in February for DWI.

Robertson acknowledged he had received a half-dozen complaints from members of the community and staff about the arrest. He said the school board took the matter seriously and took discipinary action against Johnson. But Robertson said he couldn't say what that action was, citing employee confidentiality laws.

Robertson said Johnson followed school board policy and reported the arrest immediately after it happened and met with the school board shortly thereafter. Robertson added that Johnson passed an FBI background check "with flying colors" when he was hired.

Robertson said Johnson was on a one-year probationary contract as a math teacher when the arrest occurred and that contract has been extended another year. He said other teachers had been fired in the past for DWI, but that was 8 or 9 years ago, before he joined the school. He said the circumstances in those situations were different.