Handicap parking violations can now be reported online

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COLUMBIA - The Disabilities Commission met Thursday to discuss the implementation of a new disabled parking citation policy. It allows citizens to file complaints online, as they see the violations. 

This comes after the Disabilities Commission learned accessible parking violations led to only five citations in four years.

Citizens can access the online form on the city's website. The form asks citizens for violation information to help police officers complete the complaint. It also asks for witness information. People are asked to attach pictures of the violation at the bottom of the form.

Columbia ADA Director Adam Kruze said, "The pictures are vital because they keep the complaints from becoming a game of 'he said, she said,' and instead just show what happened."

A collaboration between the city's IT department, Columbia Police Department, the city prosecutor's office and the Disabilities Commission made the idea possible. 

The form is up and running and city officials said they are ready to begin processing reports as they come in.

Fines for accessible parking citations can range from $50 to $250 at the judge's discretion.