Hartsburg flood

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HARTSBURG - The water level of Hart Creek in Hartsburg is getting close to the top of the levee. 

Mark Beckmeyer's house and farm are just about 30 feet away from the creek.

"The current river has been this level for about a week, it's been up and down around 26 to 27 feet all summer all spring," he said. 

Beckmeyer is a farmer, and he has been growing corn and soybeans for years. He said once the river crests, the flood will drown his crops.

"We are currently monitoring the low spots on the levee, even though it's hard to get the levee perfectly flat," he said. 

He said putting sand bags on the levee is his only bet to protect his farm from flooding.

According to Fred Parry, the district one commissioner from Boone County, residents of Hartsburg have already filled 5000 sand bags. 

"We have 11,000 sand bags down here that are yet to be filled, the supply looks pretty good," said Parry." Volunteers have been putting the sand bags on pallets so they can be easily transferred to where they are needed the most."