Hartsburg Prepares for Flood

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HARTSBURG - Hartsburg will have a town meeting to discuss flood preparations Tuesday night at 7p.m. The town has already unloaded six truck loads of sand and has 25,000 empty sandbags ready to be packed at moment's notice.

Randy Jaeger, Fire Chief for the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District, said the town has had a plan of action and has been on "standby" since 2007. Jaeger said the town has a designated command center that can be mobilized within 15 minutes.

But that is little assurance to Jeanette Crawford, who owns a bed and breakfast in town. She said she remembers the flood of '93 clearly.

She said that year the water reached up to her lamp post, which is about six feet high. And even though the Fire Department said it's not expecting any water problems until next week, Crawford said it's already begun to affect her business.

Crawford, said people are calling in regularly asking if there is already flooding, and she had somebody call in yesterday, and cancel his MKT trail trip.

John Campbell, operations branch manager at SEMA, said at this point there's no way of predicting the severity of the flood. It depends on the amount of rainfall that Missouri and other northern states will get.

Hartsburg will develop a more concrete plan of action at Tuesday night's meeting.