Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Brings in Roughly 25,000 People

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HARTSBURG - The annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival brought in roughly 25,000 people on Saturday.

The festival started small in 1991 with eight original members also known as the Hartsburg Bike and Social Club. The festival started off with only 25 vendors according to information booth attendant Peggy Wilburn, but after several years the festival has seen a big change.

"We have about 178 booths and we see probably 25 to 30,000 people each day on the weekend," she said.

This is the festival's 22nd year and Wilburn said this is the biggest tradition not only for Hartsburg, but for the vendors as well.

"We see a lot of returning vendors," she said. "A lot of our vendors say this is the best festival they attend."

Vendors ranged from kettle corn to cowboy hats, but the festival gets its name from the Hackman farm, which is located on the festival grounds. Jo Hackman runs the farm and sells hundreds of pumpkins each year.

"Our crop has been wonderful, the crowd is good, seems like everyone's in a good mood," Hackman said. 

Vendors and organizers said they were a little concerned with the rain this morning, but were happy to see the sky cleared out just in time for the crowd.