Haunted Houses Prepare for Busiest Weekend

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BOONE COUNTY - Owners of the Halloween attraction Fright Fest said Friday visitors should make sure to only visit haunted houses that meet Boone County building code requirements the next two weekends.

The Boone County Fire Protection District and the Columbia Fire Department inspect haunted houses in the area to make sure they meet the safety requirements governed by the International Fire and Building Code.

Some of these requirements include emergency lighting, emergency exits, a sprinkler system, fire resistant spray, and safely secured decorations.

The weekend before Halloween is usually the busiest one of the season for haunted houses. Fright Fest is expecting a large turnout this weekend.

Owners of Fright Fest said if visitors go to a haunted house that does not appear to meet the requirements, they should not go in because the risk of injury increases dramatically. 

One owner also explained that the black plastic that hangs in some uninspected houses is extremely flammable and can release toxic fumes when burning that can kill a person in 21 seconds.

Columbia Fire Department Public Information Officer James Weaver said it is extremely important for the houses to meet the safety requirements because patrons are are going into a place that is unknown to them and could be dangerous.

If you suspect a haunted house does not meet safety requirements, contact the Boone County Fire Protection District or the Columbia Fire Department.