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JEFFERSON CITY — It was a busy day in politics Tuesday for those filing for candidacy for the primary race. Many came forth to file, but the spotlight was on the state’s United States Senate seat. 

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley officially filed to run against Democrat incumbent, Claire McCaskill.

In a press conference Tuesday, Hawley said he will fight for the people. 

“I am here to let Washington, D.C. know that, come November, the people of Missouri will take back our Senate seat for Missourians,” he said.

Hawley said running for Senate was not what is was planning for initially.

"It is an urgent time for our country and there are urgent issues at stake, right now in the United States Senate. The United States Senate is in many ways the fulcrum of the major issues we are facing in this country," he said. 

CNN predicted Missouri would be one of the top 10 states to experience a flip in the Senate in 2018.

Analyst Chris Cillizza said Missouri is one of the states Donald Trump won by double digits. 

“If you’re a Republican in the Senate, you have a better 50-50 chance of winning the majority,” Cillizza said. 

Hawley addressed his view on gun control. He said Congress should have done something long ago.

“Mentally ill people should not have guns. Not just this weapon or that weapon, but not at all,” he said.

McCaskill has supported the strengthening of background checks.

Hawley said McCaskill puts the Democratic party before the people in the state.

In a statement from McCaskill’s office said:

“Given that nearly 75% of individual donations to Hawley’s AG campaign came from a single donor, and that Hawley subsequently ignored bipartisan calls to investigate pay-to-play allegations against that donor, we’re not sure Hawley should be discussing who in this race is beholden to special interests. We’re surprised David Humphreys didn’t join Hawley for his candidate filing today.”