Hawley and McCaskill, wide financial gap but race still close

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COLUMBIA - Despite a wide gap in their campaign finances, Sen. Claire McCaskill and Josh Hawley remain locked in a dead heat in the final three weeks before the November election.

The latest polls have McCaskill and Hawley neck and neck, but their campaign finances would tell a different story.

According to the Federal Election Commission, McCaskill has raised $30,605,149.84 since the start of the election cycle compared to Hawley's $8,305,514.86.

McCaskill has also outspent Hawley, spending $27,431,055.56 to Hawley's $4,993,539.92.

Peverill Squire, a political science professor at MU, said despite the financial gap, he wasn't surprised to see the race was so close.

"There's just so much money washing around," he said. "But of course so much money is here because of the fact that the race is close," he said. 

But Squire said there was one thing he found odd.

"It's always a little surprising that a Republican candidate isn't better able to raise money than Hawley has been," he said. "But of course so much money is coming in from outside sources now that the amount of money the candidates raise is less important than it used to be."

Campaign donations from outside the state have made up the majority of both candidates' campaigns.

According to FEC data, of the more than $30 million McCaskill's campaign has raised, only $9,931,278.16, or 32 percent, is from the state of Missouri.

As for Josh Hawley, of the of the $8.3 million his campaign has raised, only $2,931,278.16, or 22 percent, is from the state of Missouri.

Squire said it's not surprising both parties are flooding the race with cash.

"So much is at stake and both parties think that if they spend a few more dollars, it may go their direction," Squire said.

KOMU 8 reached out to both candidates for comment and but has not yet heard back. 

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