Hawley waits for appeal to abortion law take action

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COLUMBIA- Attorney General Josh Hawley is waiting for his legal appeal related to abortion laws to go into effect.

The appeal is in response to U.S. District Judge Howard Sach’s block of restrictions on abortions in Missouri. If the appeal fails, Planned Parenthood clinics in Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield and Joplin would be allowed to perform medication-induced abortions.  

Sachs says he was bound by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a similar case in Texas. He believes accessibility is key and relief "should be prompt, given the needs of women seeking abortions and the need for available clinics to serve their needs."

Anti-abortion rights advocate Bonnie Lee believes that the focus of this debate is not on abortion, but a deeper issue.

“These laws are all about women having safe care in the abortion clinics, not about abortion. It’s about women having safe care and Planned Parenthood is trying to subvert the very laws that would keep them safe,” Lee said.

Last year Planned Parenthood challenged some requirements for facilities to be able to perform abortions. For example, the organization fought against clinics having to meet hospital-like standards for outpatient surgery.

Some people support Sach’s blocking of restrictions on abortion. Pro-abortion rights advocate Raquel Kausler believes Hawley’s appeal, if upheld, would negatively affect women.

“I just don’t believe that anybody that doesn’t have to go through that experience should have a voice and be able to control the women that do,” Kausler said.

Currently St. Louis has the only clinic in Missouri allowed to perform abortions.