Hazardous chemical issue delays opening of Douglas Family Aquatic Center

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COLUMBIA –Hazmat crews were called to the  Douglass Family Aquatic Center Friday after two chemicals were mixed, which could have caused inhalation issues or skin burns.

Maintenance workers were getting the pool ready to open when they saw a vapor inside of the chemical room where the chlorine water was being prepared.

They shut off all of the tanks and called the Columbia Fire Department. The heavy response shut down Providence Road north at Park Avenue.

The two chemicals that mixed were sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid.

“The chemicals being mixed can cause a gas that could cause issues,” said Columbia Fire Department Battalion Chief Stephen Potter.

Tiffney Girard was trying to take her children to the pool for it's opening day, but when she got there they couldn't go in.

"We parked and we walked up here and they have it blocked off and all these trucks, so we didn't know. You could smell the chlorine, so obviously it has something to do with the chlorine, we could tell that," Girard said.

Potter said no one was hurt and crews were doing their best to make sure it was safe for the public.