Health Center New Location

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JEFFERSON CITY - New building, more space and better accessibility are a few highlights of the Jefferson City Community Health Center of Central Missouri's move to a new location. 

Staff began moving on Friday and were still getting adjusted to the new space. A few rooms in the facility still had boxes of equipment that need to be unloaded. However, services did not stop while staff transitioned.

Jeff Davis, the executive director, said the planning process took about 2 years.

He said he is thrilled at how much better services for patients will be and said the move makes the commute easier for patients. 

"The side of town that we were on, a lot of patients would have to take multiple buses to get to us. The location wasn't in line with where our patients are," Davis said.

He said the new spot is much more visible.

"The other location was secluded. Having this location with a great highway frontage, and being here, allows everyone to see us," Davis said

Crystal Sullivan, chief clinical officer, said the staff is excited by how much more they can do for patients.

"We have bigger exam rooms, more exam rooms, more efficient workflow, we can get patients in and out much easier by having a team-based approach," she said. 

Both Davis and Sullivan said community feedback has been positive. One patient, who preferred not to be named, said she likes how much bigger the rooms are, how clean it is inside and is overall pleased with the move. 

Davis said the bigger facility allows the administrative team to have offices in the building. The previous location did not. He believes administrators should be able to see and interact with the patients who come in each day. 

He said patients can trust that, regardless of what payer source or insurance they have, they will be treated by the best. 

"Just because you have Medicaid doesn't mean you're going to get substandard care," Davis said. "When you come here you're going to get a great facility, and the best providers. This facility allows us to match up with the quality of care our providers give."

The new location is 1511 Christy Drive.