Health Department Doesn't Scream for Cicada Ice Cream

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COLUMBIA - A local ice cream parlor says customers will get their chance to try cicada flavored ice cream - in 2024. Sparky's, located in downtown Columbia, was inspired to make the unique flavor thanks to the recent cicada invasion.

Before selling the ice cream, which was made with the real insects, owner Scott Southwick consulted the Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services.  He wanted to make sure selling ice cream with cicadas didn't violate any health code regulations.

Health officials advised Southwick not to sell the new flavor even though the cicadas were cooked three times.  The health department currently does not have any codes about cooking insects.

Sparky's did not make another batch and will not be selling the insect-flavored ice cream anytime soon.  Sparky's posted a sign that said patrons will have to wait for the 2024 cicada outbreak to try the tasty treat.