Health Groups Seek to Expand

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COLUMBIA - A group called "Unite 4 Healthy Neighborhoods" said Thursday its programs are successful and deserve to be recognized.

The group, along with biking/walking advocates PedNet, preached the success of their programs to the Boone County Board of Public Health Thursday. The groups are currently funded by grants from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The group plans to bring farmers and distributors together with restaurants, grocers and schools this year. It hopes that connecting local businesses will help healthy habits spread.

By showing their achievements, U4HN and Pednet hope that Boone County and Columbia will reallocate funds to form publically-funded programs. Their programs focus on healthy lifestyles for all citizens.

U4HN and Pednet created a community garden, farmer's market and proposed a Food Advisory Council within the last year. U4HN along with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have a goal to end the rise of childhood obesity by 2015.