Healthcare Conference Wants to Prevent Medical Errors

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COLUMBIA -Medical errors at American hospitals kill and injure patients every year. The problem is people go to the hospital to get better, not sicker. The Missouri Center for Patient Safety wants to fix it.

The organization wants to fix the problem of mess-ups in hospitals and get medical professionals to admit their mistakes. The last major report released about patient safety said up to 98,000 have died due to medical errors in America's hospitals.

The Missouri Center for Patient Safety wants to slash that number all together. It wants to see big improvements and changes within the health care system.

At the conference held at the Stoney Creek Inn in Columbia, medical professionals discussed patient safety challenges, health literacy amongst health care professionals and future plans to stop preventative errors in the health care industry. Healthcare workers also huddled with professionals in specialty areas about possible fixes.

Executive Director Becky Miller from the Missouri Center for Public Safety says its time to correct the problems in the health care industry. She wants to create a culture where hospitals can prevent people from dying from their own medical errors.

"It's really establishing a culture so that they're willing to and seek to report and talk about medical errors and those risk and conditions, because we really want to do is prevent medical errors from happening," Miller said.

Most of those errors are related to infections, medicine doses and miscommunication amongst medical professionals.