Healthy Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri Democrats announced Tuesday a new health care reform that plans to expand who is eligible for Medicaid and allow people to buy into Medicaid at actual cost.

The new policy is called “Healthy Missouri” and is aimed at building a health care system with more options and lower cost for Missourians, according to the Missouri Democratic Party’s website.

Missouri House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty said “Missouri Democrats are fighting to protect healthcare for Missourians, but it’s not enough to just be against the GOP’s harmful cuts. That’s why we’re offering a clear vision of bold healthcare reforms that will increase access, reduce costs, and improve coverage.” 

Listed below is the Democratic Party’s eight specific reforms and policy priorities that it said represent a clear path forward that will increase access, reduce costs, improve coverage, and take strong steps toward bringing to reality the principle that all Missourians have a right to health and financial security.

  • More Consumer Options: Increase competition and create more healthcare options for Missourians by allowing individuals to buy into Medicaid at actual cost.
  • Lower Prescription Drug Costs: After fully restoring recently cut resources to the MORx program, increase pricing transparency by forcing pharmaceutical companies to disclose information on price hikes, and ban pharmaceutical companies from giving physicians gifts.
  • Increase Access to Healthcare: Enact a full expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Fight the Opioid Epidemic: Create an actual comprehensive Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) that gives prescribers the tools they need to prevent “doctor shopping.”
  • Equal Healthcare in Every Zipcode: Take steps to close the gap in racial health disparities by making sure the Board of Healing Arts incorporates cultural awareness and a diversity training component into medical education.
  • Protect and Grow Women’s Access to Contraception: Once again participate in the Family Planning Program in Medicaid to increase access to contraception for women age 18-55 in Missouri, while saving the state over $9 million.
  • Prioritize Our Veterans: Enable veterans to take time off from work, unpaid and with notice provided, to access VA healthcare for service-connected health conditions.
  • Crackdown on Fraud: Empower private attorneys with the authority to crack down on Medicaid fraud on behalf of the state to save taxpayers money and reduce healthcare costs.

“If you’re a working Missourian or older Missourian worried about your healthcare – the bold reforms in our ‘Healthy Missouri’ plan will provide you with more options and lower costs," said Missouri Democratic Party Chair Stephen Webber.

KOMU 8 News reached out to the Republican Party and has not received a response.