Hearing rescheduled for woman accused of killing Darnell Gray

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JEFFERSON CITY - The hearing for Quatavia Givens, who is accused of killing 4-year-old Darnell Gray, was postponed on Tuesday. 

Givens, who was scheduled to appear at the hearing by video call, declined to show, so the judge postponed things until Sept. 10.

Lawyers for both the defense and prosecution said they had more evidence to look into and agreed with postponing the trial. The status hearing will set a date for Givens' trial. 

Darnell was found dead on Oct. 30, five days after Givens reported him missing.

Givens was charged with neglect or abuse resulting in death. She was indicted in December.

Investigators said Givens told them, "I may have hit him wrong."

Mary Williams Coley, a member of Missouri Missing, called Givens' decision not to appear on Tuesday "cowardly," but said she knows the state is working toward justice. 

Coley made the decision to attend every hearing in the case to advocate for Darnell.  

"This little boy couldn’t speak for himself then and he can’t speak for himself now," Coley said. "We just want her and whoever is involved to know, 'you probably thought he was alone but he’s not alone.' This little boy is a part of Jeff City."

Missouri Missing member Kathy Mueller said she wants to be there because others can't be.

"His family can’t be here, his birth mom, because they live in Chicago," Mueller said. "So we have to."

Mueller said Darnell's supporters "were there from the beginning and we'll be there until the end."