Hearing set for Surgeon police chief

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COLUMBIA - A hearing for Sturgeon Police Chief Greg Halderman will take place on Monday. 

On the week of March 13th, Sturgeon Mayor Gene Kelly gave Halderman a document asking him to resign or attend a hearing on March 27th. The document details accusations of alcohol abuse on the job, inappropriate language with a minor, holding a gun up to another officer's face and verbally abusing prisoners.

Halderman said charges were dropped for two out of the four allegations. 

Monday evening, Halderman along with witnesses will speak on his behalf.

According to one of Halderman's witnesses, Anthony Jones, Halderman's lawyer advised the witnesses to refrain from discussing the closed meeting until it is over. 

Jones said the mayor of Sturgeon called for a closed hearing. However, the public is able to attend the open meeting. 

He said supporters will attend the open meeting to voice their opinion, but the mayor will not answer questions about the hearing. 

"People are on the agenda," Jones said. "Everybody wants to figure out why are they trying to fire the best chief we've ever had."

Jones said he wants justice for Halderman.

"Everybody in this town loves him," Jones said.  "Not only is he a friend, but he's a wonderful, perfect cop."

The public meeting starts at 7 p.m. and the closed hearing starts at 8:30 p.m.