Heartland of Missouri Red Cross Sends Help to Oklahoma

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COLUMBIA - The recent tornado in Oklahoma left many across the nation wondering how they can help. The heartland of Missouri Red Cross sent two people to Oklahoma and expect to send more as further assistance is necessary in the disaster relief.

Clayton Kennedy, the community market manager at the local Columbia office, said they have to wait to send more help until they are told there is more help needed. He said the people who are sent must be trained professionals.

"We have over 50 people who are on stand-by, and they're waiting to be deployed," Kennedy said. "At any moment, they know they may need to go."

Kennedy said they also have two large emergency response vehicles ready to go at any moment filled with clothes and food.

He said he is not sure when exactly they will be called, but he said he expects to send more people out to help in the next few days.