Heat Advisory Pushes Residents to Stay Cool

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COLUMBIA - The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory warning Sunday, and residents tried to stay cool.  With a heat index of 105 and a high temperature of 93 degrees Fahrenheit, it is important that people be cautious with the heat. 

There are tips to stay healthy during periods of incredible heat.  Eat less protein because it produces and increases metabolic heat.  Even if you do not feel thirsty, drink fluids but avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.  Limit activity outside, and stay out of the sun in particular.  Sunburn slows the skins ability to cool itself. 

It is also important to never leave children or pets in closed vehicles, where temperatures can can quickly surpass 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Also, it is recommended to check on neighbors, especially on those with children or special needs and the elderly. 

Cooling centers make beating the heat possible.  Residents can utilize these centers to access free air-conditiioning during heat advisories.  The Columbia Public Library is one such center.  It has water fountains on every level and provides a place where residents can cool off and  recreationally read at their luxury.

One safe outdoor activity is swimming.  Stephen's Lake Park provides a natural cooling center.  Residents utilized the lake today as a way to enjoy nature without putting their health at risk.