Heat Boosts A/C Repair Needs

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COLUMBIA - A Heat Advisory in Mid-Missouri has air conditioners running at full speed.

But problems with a unit can lead to hot days.  Anne Farrow went home Sunday, only to find her second-floor air conditioner not working.

"Luckily I have two units. One for upstairs, one for main floor and basement. The upstairs just started to get warmer and warmer, and then by night time, it climbed up to 90 degrees upstairs, " Farrow said.

Farrow had to sleep downstairs in the living room. "On an air mattress, so I can get some sleep, " Farrow said.

Dan Ferguson is a repair technician at Chapman Heating & Air, and says he's having a busy summer.

"Here recently we had excessive load where we had to work or ther has been calls at night or on the weekends. You know, emergency service calls. "Ferguson said.

Ferguson says the work can be stressful.

"Especially people who're sick and elderly. And you want to try to get out of their homes as soon as possible, so you can get them comfortable again," Ferguson said.

Ferguson says the most frequent problems are dirty filters, freon leaks and electrical issues.

"Probably the single improtant thing is to replace their filters on a regular basis, and I would recommend people have their units serviced, basically like a maintenance program, " Ferguson said.

Chapman general manager Phil Figueiredo said they have received an increase of 25% more calls, and two more technicians will work extra hours on evenings and weekends to help with emergency calls.