Heating Bill

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BOONE COUNTY - Wednesday's weather conditions may cool off your home, but according to Boone County Electric Cooperative, you can start conserving energy and money as soon as temperatures drop.  Boone Electric HR representative Vicki Kemna said you should start by keeping your thermostat at a steady 68 degrees.

Adding to that, Kemna said you should seal any window sills with a rolled towel to prevent cold air seepage. She said simply shutting your windows isn't enough. Locking them to tighten the seal is important as well. Unused fireplaces can bring in a cold draft, too. Kemna said you can fill a trash bag with insulation and push the bag into your fireplace to keep the air from coming inside. Add a reminder note to take it out before starting a fire.

If you aren't using a central heating system, Kemna said to use caution with space heaters. Four hours running a space heater racks up $15 on your monthly utilities bill. On top of the monetary increase, Kemna said the chance for a fire goes up too. If you decide to use a space heater, she said it is important to keep the heater away from any flammable fabrics like bedding, curtains, or shag carpeting.