heavy rain

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COLUMBIA - Despite nearly eight inches of rain hitting Columbia this month so far, emergency crews have been able to handle all the storms.

According to the Columbia Regional Airport, which reports rainfall totals to the National Weather Service, Columbia has received 7.85 inches of rain as of July 15. This surpasses the monthly average of 4.37 inches.

This follows a relatively dry June of 1.46 inches of rain. There was a two-week stretch in June where no rainfall occurred, causing droughts.

On July 3 alone, a recorded 3.58 inches of rain fell in Columbia.

After heavy rains, the Boone County Fire Department had to do a water rescue at Rock Bridge State Park Wednesday night.

Overall, though, all emergency management organizations in Columbia have been able to handle the excess rainfall.

"Fortunately we've had the capacity to deal with it," Boone County Emergency Management Deputy Director Tom Hurley said. "The stream systems, the tributaries and the Missouri River has kept the capacity open and rivers flowing."

KOMU 8 meteorologist Tori Stepanek said while there has been a lot of rain, this is not out of the ordinary for this time of year.

"We live in mid-Missouri. We get periods of dry time and periods of heavy rain," she said. "Honestly, from a weather stand point, from the event earlier on July 4th weekend to the rain this past week, it's taken us out of drought season." 

There is no rain in the forecast for the next week. The all-time record for rain in July is 12.14 inches, set in 1981.