Helias and Jefferson City Wrestling: A Can't Miss Rivalry

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JEFFERSON CITY - For the past 36 years, Norman and Nancy Luebbert have made it to most home Jefferson City wrestling matches. They have a pretty good attendance record.

"Its got to be something dreadful bad to make me miss," said Norman. "Over these 30 some years probably six or eight." 

But even with the rare imperfection on their attendance record, the Luebberts always make sure they make it to the biggest duel of them all.

"Always make it to Helias one," said Norman.

That's because since 1976, the Luebberts have never missed a match-up between the cross-town rivals. They started coming in 1976 because that's the first year their son Alan started wrestling for the Jays. He's now an assistant coach for Jefferson City.

"It gets in your blood and you get addicted to it. Watching these kids wrestle," said Alan.

The Luebberts sat through several years of Helias dominance in the 1980s and 90s, but Norman can still remember the Jay wins.

"1985. We hadn't beat them for years and years and years and we beat them," said Norman. 

The Luebberts were also there when Jays assistant coach David Ganey was a wrestling star for Helias - taking second in state twice as a Crusader in the late 1980s.

And they were there Wednesday night when Jefferson City beat Helias 56-12, marking the third time in a row the Jays have beaten Helias and the 10th head-to-head win in 11 years. While Norman likes to see the Jefferson City win, he admits he roots for Helias - sometimes.

"I hope they win every match this year. Except this one!"